Welcome to Finkenstein Estate

Finkenstein Estate (“the Estate”) is a residential development 12 km east of Windhoek where privacy, open spaces, blending of the development into the environment, the protection of its fauna and flora, the protection of members’ rights and a peaceful rural atmosphere are the primary objectives. The development of 222 erven borders the 7000 ha Moltkeblick Game Farm (“MBGF”), and the Finkenstein Homeowners Association (“FHA”) has entered into an agreement with MBGF that allows free movement of members and game over the common boundary. A portion of Moltkeblick (the “park area”) is accessible by Finkenstein residents for the purposes of hiking, bicycle and horse riding..

While each individual property in the Estate is large (about 1 ha), a land owner will only be allowed to develop and fence in a comfortable portion of the Erf (2500m²) to allow the free movement of game throughout the Estate.

An individual character of design is promoted in this development and land owners have the freedom to have their residences designed to any style of their liking, subject to the requirements set out in the Design Manual.